How to Endure the Dreaded Leg Day

We all heard it from people who are always going in the gym. Leg day sucks. Because it is not only difficult during the day of the workout, but also after. You’ll casually notice it from people who did leg days that they are having difficulties in walking. It might be difficult, but let’s face it, it is very important to do it.

Don’t skip leg day is our reminder to those who are taking fitness seriously. Because if you will only focus on your upper body, then physically, you’ll look like a chicken, something that we want to avoid. Here are some of our suggestions on how to endure the dreaded leg day.

leg day

Don’t overdo it

This is not a competition on how many exercises you did during your leg day, or how long you’ve been doing a routine. What is important is that you spent considerable amount of time working out your legs. Remember that you should do at least 3 routines in your leg day with at least 3 repetitions in order for your leg muscle to grow.

You can spread leg exercises in your weekly routine

exerciseInstead of having a dedicated day for leg muscles, you can incorporate it to your other routines. This will lessen the dreaded after effects of leg days. Just make sure that you are giving it enough time or else, it won’t have any effects for you. For some, they are trying to squeeze in at least 2 leg routine daily in order to give their bodies enough time to rest and recover.

Follow your Leg daily routine religiously

It might be painful but push through up until the end of your leg routine. Try to alternate heavy repetitions with those that don’t require many repetitions. In this way, you will not fell the tiredness in your legs right away but instead, you’ll have enough energy stored to do other routines. Also, try to start with lower weights before you increase the frequency of your routine. This will help your body adjust to the difficulty of your leg routine.

The next time your leg day is coming, don’t dread it, but feel excited!